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10+ Years Experienced

Hi, I am Vipin Kumbalappally, an experienced Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant from Kochi, Kerala, India. I have been working in the internet industry for the last 10+ years. My extensive experience in the field of Digital Marketing, particularly SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. empowers me to help my clients to grow their businesses.

Data-driven Quantifiable Pure GROWTH 📈

I employ GROWTH HACKING strategies to help startup companies to grow exponentially.

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Why Digital Marketing Strategy is Critical ?

Digital Marketing efforts without a strategy are doomed to FAIL ⚠️

Most people out there know what they want, but few of them know how to achieve that. Digital marketing campaigns and efforts without a plan will fail to drive results. Building an innovative and competitive strategy is the first and principal step of digital marketing. A strategy is simply the plans and roadmaps to achieve your goals, in fact, business goals.

Be Creative in All Aspects

A digital marketing strategy is a plan for establishing an internet presence through online channels such as organic search, social media, paid ads, and other web-based mediums such as your website. The goal of digital marketing strategies is to increase awareness about your business and attract new customers to your brand.

A digital marketing campaign aims to increase the awareness of your brand, business, products, services, etc. This will help to attract more customers and thus more business. A digital marketing strategy is a plan that consists of different activities for establishing the presence of your business on the internet. Digital marketers make use of different online channels such as organic search, social media, paid ads, and other web-based mediums like websites for this online marketing.

A well-versed marketing strategy will help to win new business. As a Growth Hacker, I use creative and low-cost strategies to help companies acquire and engage more customers in the shortest time possible.

How To Make A Digital Marketing Strategy ?

We are getting more into a digital era. A paradigm shift is happening in the field of marketing and sales. Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing determines the marketing budgets of companies as more and more people tend to spend time online. Starting with online marketing is super easy but making a strategy before you jump onto the pool will give better results. 

A crisp and clear Digital Marketing Strategy will help you to maximize the return by utilizing the resource efficiently. Low-cost or cost-effective digital marketing campaigns are possible with an Online Marketing Strategy 

How Does I work

As a freelance digital marketing consultant, I have a proven process for helping businesses succeed online.

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Know the Brand and Business​

This phase involves understanding the nature of the business by thoroughly researching the business objectives & goals, and analyzing the present status of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the business in depth.

Formulate a Marketing Strategy​

Based on the thorough investigation, I will design an internet marketing plan that will give your business the best visibility on the internet through organic search, social media, paid advertising, websites and other web-based media.

Execute & Evaluate the Results

A business growth trajectory is made possible only through an iterative process of evaluation and correction along with implementation. Implement the marketing strategy. Evaluate results and incorporate them as feedback into strategy.


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